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The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 3 Review

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I was so excited to see the other perspective of last week's episode, and what the rest of the gang were going to do after they heard the truck horn blaring and leading half the zombie herd towards Alexandria. I found it even more exciting when the group decides to split up; Rick going back to the RV to lead the herd away from Alexandria, Michonne and others heading back to Alexandria through the woods, and finally when Glenn and Nicholas split up to further distract walkers by planning to set a building on fire.

The Alexandrians were always going to be weaker, and as Rick pointed out they "aren't all gonna make it" so it was inevitable that a few of them were going to be picked off by walkers. They slowed the group down, but I much agree with Rick telling Michonne to keep on moving because the priority was to get back to Alexandria. However, I was really angry when watching Nicholas freeze with fear because he was putting the others' lives at risk, and shooting himself near the end could potentially kill Glenn as well, so I was really annoyed about that. I am not sure if I think Glenn is dead just yet, I think the image we saw was more the walkers eating Nicholas' body on top of Glenn, at least I hope it was, so I am anxious to see what happens in the episode next week. What do you think?

And then to see the Wolves that Morgan let escape in the previous episode try to climb onto the RV and kill Rick was shocking. It just showed Morgan's potential mistake in letting them go, because they were using the guns they managed to pick up from the Alexandria community. However, Rick's immediate response by grabbing the machine gun and killing them all was fantastic, and I was shouting "yeah, come on, go Rick" (embarrassingly) at the TV. But as the breakaway herd of zombies emerges from the woods, and Rick can't get the RV's engine started I am literally on the edge of my seat. I know Rick's not going to sit there and let himself be a walker's feast, so I wonder what idea he will jump to next week. I hope the engine will start, or at least someone will come to help.

Also, I am glad to see Michonne, Heath and Scott arrive back outside the Alexandria community, but I wonder if they will face anything before they get back inside. And, I can't help but wonder what the rest of the community have to say when they get back. There are a lot of "what if" ideas going around inside my head, and I just cannot wait until next week's episode to see what everyone does. Mostly, I want to know if Glenn is actually alive, and if Rick can get away from the walkers emerging behind him.

In my opinion, this episode was just as exciting as the previous two, and already I feel a little impatient about having to wait a week to find out what happens next. Have you seen this episode yet and what did you think?

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