Sunday, 4 October 2015

Film Review: Inside Out

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This Pixar film follows all the complex emotions that the human species normally endures during their lifetime through its host character Riley. In the film, we follow the emotions as different characters inside her head and see how they affect her everyday thoughts throughout her childhood whilst she is growing up. The main characters; joy, sadness, fear, anger and disgust, are brilliantly calculated in this film and portray perfectly how we can feel different emotions, sometimes more than one at once. Of course, being a Pixar film, I felt that it engaged with the audience to help us to actually feel the emotions throughout the film.

During the length of the film I found myself laughing and giggling away at the humorous aspects, such as how negative 'sadness' actually was and how I found myself agreeing with the character. Whenever sadness would just face plant the floor it made me laugh because I know all too well I feel like this myself sometimes. The more of the film I watched I could see how well that it was portraying the painful truth of growing up. It is genuinely a roller-coaster of a film that perfectly depicts the bumpy road of growing older without the rose-tinted glasses you would find in most children's films. I think that Inside Out has done really well in approaching this particular subject in a truly heart touching way.

Not to mention that the graphics are spectacular, as they always are with a Pixar animation. I can see why this film has become such a success and would recommend a watch to anyone. It truly is the type of Pixar film that we all know and love, about leaving our childhood behind, but in such a genius way that is guaranteed to leave you laughing or crying. Overall, Inside Out is a terrific concept, both funny and smart, about the trials and tribulations of growing up and losing our so-called innocence. So, why not give it a watch and come up with your own opinion? I would rate this film 4/5.

Have you seen this film and what did you think?

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