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The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 2 Review

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Now, before this episode started I had my own ideas on what might happen, and as to who was sounding the horn which made the zombies split off from their route at the end of the previous episode, but episode two was nothing that I expected (in a really good way). And, I know I asked where was Carl in the first episode, but was glad to see him looking after Judith which was probably going to be the only logical answer to my question.

First of all, I absolutely love Carol's character, and in my opinion the way she dealt with the Wolves as they came intruding inside the Alexandrian's community and killing everyone in sight, was so bad-ass. Carol's conflict with Morgan over killing the Wolves was seen clear at the end when they walked down the street past each other without acknowledgement. I must admit that I agree with Carol in having that mentality because it is very much a 'kill or be killed' situation, and you're not just going to let someone hack your friends to death with a machete and walk away, right? However, I think we have yet to see a darker side to Carol because the scene where she saved her neighbour from a Wolf, but then put a knife in her head, was quite surprising as she didn't need to kill her. So I wonder what Carol will do next.

Also, I really like Morgan's character too, but I am really unsure as to whether I agree with his methods of stopping the Wolves by harming them, but not killing them. They would come back after all, right? And one of them even managed to grab a gun as Morgan told them to get out, so this just aids their revenge even more if they were to come back. I would like to see what Rick thinks of this when he gets back to the Alexandria community. And, at the end when Aaron finds his backpack on one of the dead Wolves and sees his photographs inside which probably led the Wolves to the community, I wonder if he will try to hide this in the next episodes.

I just knew that Enid would leave, and wonder how this will affect Carl and Ron in the episodes to come as well. I am not quite sure what the significance of 'JSS' was in this episode, so if anyone could shed some light on this I would appreciate it. Anyway, this episode took a turn that I was not expecting but was non-stop exciting and the wait until next week's episode is going to feel like forever. I cannot wait to see what happens next!

Have you seen episode two yet, and what did you think?

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