Saturday, 3 October 2015

LUSH Product Review

A while ago, I purchased the Dragon's Egg bath bomb and the Mint Julips lip scrub when I popped into the Birmingham Lush store. I was very excited to use both of these products and to share my review with you.
First off, is the Dragon's Egg bath bomb (£3.50) that I was eagerly waiting to use for a while after I bought it, but I thought I would save it for an occasion when I really needed a bath bomb in my life. This was my first experience in using a bath bomb from Lush, and I must admit that I was not entirely impressed with this specific product. As soon as I put it in my hot bath, it immediately started fizzing and spinning around releasing white foam, and then eventually the orange-y egg colour in the middle began to spill. Next came the crackling sounds near the end, and then that was that.
It left my bath a nice bright orange colour, but I feel like that was all it did. I mean it did smell nice, but nothing out of the ordinary... I think the shower gels and soaps I use seem to smell better and last a lot longer. Overall, I felt like I was just sitting in orange-coloured water and that was it. So, safe to say that I perhaps won't be buying this bath bomb again, but I am still very much interested in trying other bath bombs from Lush because I have seen some really great reviews. So, if you could recommend any to me then I would really appreciate it.

Lastly, the lip scrub that is literally saving my lips as the colder weather is approaching. I chose the Mint Julips scrub because I absolutely love the taste and smell of mint (why I love mojitos so much). I am exceptionally impressed with this product because it really has become a holy grail product in my bag. When my lips are becoming quite dry (all the time with this weather), I simply rub a small amount onto my lips with a tiny scrubbing motion and then lick it off (yes it is edible) et voila, smooth skin is revealed on my lips. Then, I simply put on some lip balm to keep my lips nice and soft. I definitely would recommend this product, and it comes in two more flavours as well; bubblegum and popcorn. Priced at £5.50 and a little really does go a long way, so definitely worth the money!

What are your Lush product must-haves?



  1. I personally think the bath bombs are a bit expensive and opt for the Bubble bars instead. I get the Brigthside bar which smells of citrus and leaves the water the most vibrant orange. I prefer them because you get loads of bubbles in your bath and you can get a lot of baths out of the one product. =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Ahh I think I will have to have a look at the bubble bars instead then, thank you for the recommendation. I absolutely love a bubble bath and if you can get more than one use out of them you get more product for your money! They sound a lot better than the bath bombs atm, I felt a little let down! Thanks again! :)


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