Friday, 9 October 2015

My October Goals 2015

I had a quick look back over my goals that I had set for myself in September, and I must admit that my goals for October are probably going to be along the same lines. Although I feel as I have made some headway towards my previous goals, I still have not fully completed any but don't worry I am well on my way. So here are my new and improved goals for October this year.

1. Get a job
Still the most important thing on my list is getting myself a job. I am very proud of myself in the fact that I spent the entire previous month applying for various jobs and graduate schemes. Now, this may sound like a total failure to some of you because I have not exactly landed myself a job yet, but I cannot stress enough how long application processes are. However, I have got onto the next stages of a few interview processes which I am more than pleased about, and it is basically a waiting game for now. I have also got myself a temporary Christmas position, which doesn't sound a lot either, but it will keep me going and give me the money I more than need for Christmas this year. I will be sure to keep you updated on the particular goal since it is my top priority right now.

2. Relax more 
Okay, this goal is partly related to my job hunting, because I find myself becoming a lot more stressed since I graduated at the end of September. As the days pass by, I feel as though it becomes a lot more crucial for me to find employment because the next thing you know Christmas will be on the doorstep, and I'll need money for that. But, among all the madness of looking for job I have realised how important it is for me to just relax once in a while. I wake up everyday, get myself organised and apply for different job positions or schemes, so when it gets to the evening I can just sit back and watch TV or a film, and write on my blog because there is not much more I can do until the next day. So, I am going to try to make myself relax a lot more, and try not to stress myself out so much.

3. Enhance my blog
I feel a lot more comfortable in the blogging world now, even after only four months of being a blogger. I want to enhance my blog by making it a little bit more organised, instead of it looking at bit random and out of place at times. So, I definitely need to start planning my posts a lot more by writing stuff down, and maybe even try to come up with a better theme. I really enjoy writing blog posts about beauty, and I am thoroughly enjoying writing film reviews at the moment too, so these a probably going to be my main priority. However, I have thought more about advertising my blog. I would really like to reach a wider audience and make some blogging friends, but I am always a bit apprehensive when it comes to advertising my blog on social media sites. Don't worry though, I am working on this and slowly building myself up to start enhancing my blog.

I have tried to keep my October goals shorter and a little bit more attainable, and mostly because these are my top priorities at the moment. I think that once I earn some income I will be able to all the other things I want to do, such as socialising and shopping sprees. It is hard at the moment to not do the things I want, but at the end of the day they all involve money, and I am focusing all my energy in trying to get my foot on the career ladder.

What do you think of my goals, and what are yours?

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