Friday, 23 October 2015

Make Up Review: Seventeen Stay Time Foundation

You know when you're happy with your current foundation, but feel like looking for a new one just because there are so many products out there? Well, that was my reasoning for purchasing Seventeen's Stay Time 25 Hour Foundation, and the Miracle Matte pressed powder. I had already read some great reviews about the stay time foundation, so was keen to try it out for myself and I must admit that I am quite impressed already even after only a few uses.

Now, I don't normally wear foundation for 25 hours, but it is nice to know that this foundation would last this long if I needed it to. On a normal day I would wear foundation for up to around 12 hours at the most, but I usually find it needs touching up throughout the day with a powder to stop my face looking like a shiny beacon. I think I have found a great combination with the stay time foundation and the miracle matte powder, because it gives my face that smooth matte finish that lasts throughout the day. I think the foundation is a great product, with a wide range of shades available so I could easily find a shade to suit my skin tone, and certainly a bargain for only £6.49 which is a lot cheaper than most drug store brands. This product offers a lot, and you'd think it would cost more. It is also 25 SPF which is considerably higher than most other foundations I have tried so I am very impressed with this aspect of the foundation as well, because looking after your skin should also be a main priority.

The lid of the foundation is brilliant, instead of a lid you take off, it twists so you can pump it which makes my life so much easier because I always lose my lids in my handbag and that could potentially make a mess which is never a good look. So all good things about this foundation, including the packaging. Now, I would say the miracle matte pressed powder is exactly what it says on the lid, because it is very 'mattifying' and I only need a small amount of product with each use. It comes in a handy compact with a full-sized mirror in the lid, which I have found to prefer than my current L'Oreal powder, because I have to keep flicking that one up when I want the mirror but back down to get the powder (if you know you'll know). It claims to have 16 hour shine control, which happens to be one of my main concerns, but I have yet to test if it lasts this long because as previously mentioned I do not normally wear my make for this long. This product costs £3.99, and I would say it is perfectly on par with most other drug store brands.

There is a currently a 3 for 2 offer on at Boots across most make up brands, so it would be a perfect opportunity to grab these items (like I did). Have you tried either of these Seventeen products, and what do you think?

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