Thursday, 7 January 2016

My 22nd Birthday!

So, it was my 22nd birthday on Sunday 3rd January and I had such a lovely day. It was one of my better birthdays and I was very happy all day long (I was smiling a lot). I thought I would share with you what I got up to and show you how spoilt I was! Firstly, I received a lot of wonderful gifts, including many items from Pandora (a new charm and two gorgeous rings) which I absolutely love and cannot stop wearing them because they are so pretty. You might think I like Pandora, eh!
My current most prized position is my brand new camera, and my first ever SLR camera! I absolutely cannot contain my excitement when it comes to this present because I have wanted my very own SLR camera for so long. I always used to borrow my dad's camera and pretend I was a photographer, but now I have my own I can get practising and hopefully produce some amazing pieces. And, I cannot wait to explore new places and take pictures, which is part of my goals for 2016. It is also going to be a key part of improving my blog, and hopefully starting to produce videos this year.
My grandad got me a 'shoe fund' money pot, which I adore! I think it is also a funny joke because I am always buying new pairs of shoes and have way too many, and I have even put some money in there already. Also, my brother bought me The Sims 3 which I am so excited about and I cannot wait to play it - I love The Sims! The Jasper Conran perfume set smells absolutely divine, it has a lovely fresh, clean smell and I am sure I will be using it more than often. 

As a little birthday treat, I decided to purchase Soap and Glory's 'it's the whole she-bang!' because I have had my eye on it since before Christmas, and it is such great value for the products inside. It comes with 9 full-sized products, and when I got to the till it was reduced even more to only £25, which is even better! I love using Soap and Glory products, so this will always be a winner in my eyes.
On my birthday, my friend and I went to the 'Little Dessert Shop' which is a wonderful place with an amazingly large menu of tasty desserts on offer. I decided to have the waffle called 'Oh, Fudge!' because I love fudge and it tasted so good with tiny pieces of fudge scattered over it and it came with a scoop of toffee ice-cream too. Yummy!
My birthday was finished off by going for a nice meal with my family at a local pub/restaurant, which was very tasty and I enjoyed myself so much. I even got to wear my new over-the-knee boots, which I am totally in love with and they are most definitely my new favourite thing to wear!
I have been totally spoilt this birthday, and I am certainly a very lucky girl.

Thanks for reading! xo


  1. Happy belated birthday! That camera looks amazing! I also really like those over-the-knee boots that you wore. :)

    Melissa // The Hopeful Wayfarer

    1. Thank you very much! :) I am so in love with my new camera, can't wait to start using it properly. I want to wear the boots with outfit as well haha!

  2. Happy Birthday! Hope you had a lovely day! The camera looks amazing! I just got the Sims 4, it's amazing!
    Fix Me In Forty Five - A Beauty & Lifestyle Blog
    Blog Lovin' // Instagram

    1. Thank you and I really enjoyed myself :) I am so excited about my new camera!! And, I think the Sims 4 will be next on my list - I love playing the Sims games so much :) xx


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