Sunday, 20 December 2015

Looking Back At My Stressful Year With Blog And Personal Goals For 2016

As I look back and try to review my year, I feel that 2015 has been one of the most stressful and emotional years I have had to date. Here are a few main things that have troubled me over the last year...

To start, I turned 21 at the beginning of the year (3rd January) which wasn't so bad but neither amazing, but then not long after I went through an awful heartbreak, whilst trying to struggle through my last 8 weeks of my final year at university, which were absolutely crucial for me so I could gain my degree. Also around the same time, one of my friends unexpectedly and suddenly passed away.
It was one of my lowest, toughest and most stressful times that I had to deal with in my adult life, and even now I am surprised that I actually got through it. I am not sure I could go through that again, as it took a real toll on me afterwards, and even now it still hurts.

Eventually, I gained myself a 2:1 degree classification with honours, that I graduated with in late September. But, even after I finished university at the start of summer, I couldn't simply relax because I needed to find myself a job since it soon dawned on me that I would not be returning to university this year, and I needed to proceed into the adult world. So, I stressed myself out for the entire summer and autumn season and attended some interviews with no luck of any job prospects, and once again watched myself lose even more weight as I had done earlier in the year.

However, I landed myself a part-time job in November, and things started to look up. But, then my dog of 10 years was seriously ill with a life-threatening condition and we could have lost her at any point, which rocked me once again and I was an emotional mess. After nearly two weeks of worrying and stressing my dog finally had her operation and got through it which was such a relief.

These are a few of the main things that have made my year such a roller coaster of emotions. However, it really is such a good thing that I graduated this year, I got a part-time job and that my dog is still with us, but the amount of stress and heartache I have been through in this last year has really been a hard battle for me, and I am more than looking forward to the new year. So, in my books it is going down as one of the crappier years. But, I am using this as a motivation to make sure my 2016 is way better for myself.

So, what are my blog goals for 2016 you ask? Here's a list:
  1. Re-design my blog so it looks a lot better, and attracts more visitors.
  2. Take better quality photographs for my blog - which includes getting a DSLR camera, and using editing software.
  3. Maybe attempt to create a YouTube channel for my blog and make videos of some sort. I am thinking along the lines of haul videos or maybe film review videos. Not sure, but it's a plan in progress.
  4. Try to attend at least one blogger event - because I wanna make some real blogger friends and meet some of those lovely bloggers I talk to already.
  5. Have a more structured schedule for my blog, and begin to post more often.
  6. Get my own domain for my blog.
And, my personal goals for 2016 are:
  1. Getting my happy back - which means I shall be looking out for myself a lot more by doing what's best for me, and what I want, not what others want.
  2. Find a job that has more hours, or an extra job for more money so I can start my moving out fund/new car fund/travel fund.
  3. Start writing my book - I have a few ideas already written down so I need to actually begin.
  4. To never let myself feel the way I did this year, and to make sure I get someone who thinks the world of me and treats me that way (we can all dream okay), but I think I deserve this, right?
  5. To travel more, and go to more beautiful places.
  6. Make some more real friends, that have my welfare at heart because I am so tired of fakes. And spend time with those who genuinely make time for me too.
  7. Eat at nicer places more. Good food and good company is always a winner.
Do you have any goals for 2016?
Thanks for reading!


  1. Aww sorry to hear you had a bad year! I was going through an awful breakup at the beginning of this year and it definitely took its toll. Also I remember when my sister graduated and she had similar feelings, because she was relieved to graduate but suddenly had to find a job which was stressful! x I hope 2016 is an amazing year for you lovely.

    1. Thank you very much lovely :) Yeah it was definitely a stressful year and felt like all the horrible things came at once. But I am more than determined to make 2016 a better year for myself! Happy new year to you, and hope it is a wonderful year for you!! xx


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