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Film Review: The Transporter Refueled

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The Transporter Refueled (2015) is the fourth film in The Transporter film franchise and it is the first one without Jason Statham playing lead role as Frank Martin. Instead, we have Ed Skrein playing the lead role, and I was quite surprised by how much I actually enjoyed this film because it must have been hard for Skrein knowing he had to fill the shoes of the previous actor.

So, the plot of this film follows Frank as he ends up escorting four young women around as they are looking for revenge against their former employer, a sinister Russian kingpin. Frank takes the contract from former prostitute Anna, who along with her accomplices, steals from a bank and kidnaps Frank Senior in order for him to comply with carrying on with their mission for revenge. During the film, Anna and her accomplices begin to rob the friends of the Russian Kingpin, Karasov, in order to frame his friends against him. And of course, throughout there are scenes of epic fighting as you'd expect from a Transporter film.

I tried to watch this film without comparing Skrein to Statham because I know I love Statham in The Transporter films and it would be unfair to completely write the film off because of this. However, Skrein seemed to have the rough British accent down, and as I was watching it I almost forgot there are previous Transporter films. So, with this in mind I thoroughly enjoyed this film, and when asked what I thought about it afterwards I seemed to keep saying "it's not bad, actually". So, if you are a little unsure of watching it because Statham isn't in it, like I was, then I'd say to give it a chance and you'll probably be surprised!

I would rate this film 7 out of 10. Have you seen this film yet, and what did you think?

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