Wednesday, 11 November 2015

The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 5 Review

I was full of relief to see Rick running back through the gates into the community, but still left wondering how he escaped from the approaching walkers from the woods, so I suppose he may have just ran given how exhausted he was when finally got back. However, no one else has returned to the Alexandria yet, but I still have hope that Glenn is alive somewhere, and somehow.

Also, I thought it was brave of Aaron to tell the Alexandrians that the Wolves possibly found the community because of his lost backpack, as I was wondering whether or not he would tell them. But, during this episode I felt mostly for Maggie because Glenn has not yet returned and she hasn't received a sign to know if he is alive. I really do hope he is alive because I love his character, but mostly because Maggie has announced she is pregnant. I must admit that I was actually a bit frightened by the zombies that were lurking in the sewer, because they were fully decomposed, and just awful looking.

In this episode, I began to like Deana's character a lot more, and I really like that she told Rick the community needs him as their leader because I agree with this decision., and have been thinking it myself for a while. Deana did manage to snap out of her daze, as she proved when she killed the missing walker (a turned Wolf) with the help of Rick. However, I think her son Spencer is going to cause a lot more problems, because his recent reckless actions are already causing damage. So, I wonder what more is in store.

Finally, the end of the episode reached another climax, in which I am left more than excited for next week's episode once again. As Deana bangs back on the wall, and you see the blood dripping down a crack after she has walked away, you just know the community are going to encounter more drama pretty soon.
I think this week's episode was a lot more relaxed than the previous few, but it is building more anticipation for the future episodes.

Have you seen this week's episode yet, and what did you think?

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