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The Walking Dead: Season 6, Episode 4 Review

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When this episode started, I just knew it was going to tell Morgan's story and show us what he has been up to since before he reunited with Rick and the gang in the Alexandria community. I was really interested in learning how Morgan became so good at martial arts, and a lot less crazy than when Rick had seen him last. It was shocking to see Morgan kill everything and everyone in the beginning because he had to "clear" anything that got in his way. But when Morgan met Eastman, after hearing his goat Tabitha outside his cabin, I just knew that this was going to be the man who changes Morgan's point of view.

I found Eastman to be a very interesting character in the way he coped on his own in his cabin in the woods, but there was something about him I just couldn't put my finger on. Until the end that is. Upon hearing Eastman's story about losing his wife and children, you could see why he acted in the ways he did, but only until the end did I realise fully what he had been through. I think Eastman teaching Morgan the ways of Aikido (a form of martial arts), which it's goal is to "avoid killing, even the most evil person". And I must add that I have never before been so concerned about the welfare of a goat, so I was very happy to see Morgan save Tabitha from some walkers.

However, I knew something had to go wrong for Morgan to continue his journey, so was not so surprised when Eastman got bitten by a walker as he jumped in to save Morgan after he froze. Then when I saw Tabitha had too been eaten by a walker, I was a little more upset. Just before Eastman dies, he gives Morgan his rabbit foot, and I thought this was a great sentiment because you could see how Morgan had finally changed into the man he is now, with a lot more peace inside him.

At the end, we come back to the present where you see Morgan is telling the Wolf that he can be saved just like he was. But the Wolf doesn't seem so sure, as he says he may have to "kill everyone here". So, I wonder what will happen next, and I'm sure something exciting will happen when concerning the Wolf. Just before the credits, we see Morgan walk outside, and you can hear Rick screaming for the gates to be opened in the distance. I am so excited for the next episode because we finally get to see the aftermath of the Wolves raiding the Alexandria community, and who comes back from trying to lead the walkers away from the quarry. What another exciting episode, and once again I cannot wait to see what happens next.

So, have you seen this episode yet and what are your views?

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