Thursday, 9 June 2016

Pen Heaven Personalised Journal

I ordered my own personalised leather journal a while back, and have been waiting to show it off ever since. I bought one previously as a gift for someone else, and I was just so impressed that I wanted my very own journal with that personal touch.
This journal is A5 size, I opted a little larger than I normally would get because I thought I would write a lot more things in it, and my handwriting is slightly large. I chose this dark blue shade because blue is my favourite colour. There are more cover colours to choose from (burgundy is such a lovely colour). I chose to get my initials engraved, and I think it looks a lot more professional for it.
Also, I chose lined paper because I will be using it as a writing journal more than anything, and lines are so much easier for me to write on! The pages are a thick quality acid-free paper, which is great for drawing and writing. Also, the leather cover is made in Italy.
I haven't actually written anything inside yet because I am just waiting for some inspiration. I cannot decide whether to use it as an 'everything' sort of journal, or just pick one certain thing to write about inside. If you have any ideas, then do please let me know.

I bought this leather journal from Pen Heaven, and I cannot recommend the quality of their journals enough! If you haven't already heard of them, then do check them out because they have a great range of products available, and they would make perfect gifts.

Would you buy a personalised journal?

Thanks for reading and I cannot wait to get writing!


  1. So so beautiful! I thought about ordering one as well and I am always more and more convinced that it is a beautiful object. You could use as a personal/daily diary where you also write down inspirational quotes or messages!


    1. Thank you so much! I really treasure this journal at the moment as well :) Thank you for the tip, I think I might just do that and keep it more personal! xx

  2. This is so beautiful - I'd love to have one for work to help organise myself! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. Thank you Sarah! I love it, and is going to be really useful to keep me organised! xx


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