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Film Review: Gods of Egypt
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After watching the trailer for Gods of Egypt, I thought it looked like an epic film that I really needed to watch. The film follows the battle between two powerful Gods, Set and Horus, for the throne of Egypt.

In the beginning, Set usurps the throne by killing his brother King Osiris, and then takes away Horus' all-seeing eyes and plunges the once peaceful Egypt into all chaos as mortals are turned into slaves. A mortal, called Bek, who wants to save his true love Zaya from slavery, manages to steal one of Horus' eyes and escape the Egyptian city. However, on the way Zaya is fatally wounded and dies by the time they reach Horus' hiding place. Before Bek gives Horus his eye back he makes a deal with him that he needs to save Zaya from the afterlife.

From here, mortal Bek and God Horus set out to defeat Set who has decided he next wants to conquer the underworld (putting Zaya at risk). In the meantime, Set combines Thoth's brain, Osiris's heart, one of Horus's eyes and wings from Nephthys in order to turn himself into the ultimate God. And finally, Horus and Set come to battle at the end over who will rule over Egypt. As you probably guessed it already, Horus defeats Set, and Egypt is returned to normal once again.

I'd say the graphics of this film are pretty good and this may be its only plus. I found the story line to be a little bit bizarre having Gods living amongst the mortals, and at times I felt the film was never going to end. I mean I watched the film and it was alright, but I would say there are much better ways to spend 2 hours, rather than sitting through this film, and I know I probably won't be watching it again in the near future. In my opinion, there wasn't anything "wow" about this film. I have read a few critical reviews of this film, and I understand why now.
I would rate it 5 out of 10.

Have you seen Gods of Egypt yet, and have you got any thoughts?

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  1. I saw the trailer for this and was a bit mehhh about it but my boyfriend really wanted to go... Think I'll show him your review and try and convince him we should see soemthing else haha! xx

    Little Miss Katy | UK Lifestyle Blog

    1. Oh I would certainly recommend watching something else instead! The film drags quite a bit, so it you're already 'meh' about it then I don't think it will go down well lol I'd suggest watching it online or something else instead! xx

  2. I was so disappointed when I saw the posters for this film, they seem to have cast all white actors to play Egyptians! Its a shame that the casters didn't take more of an opportunity to diversify the film - no ancient Egyptian God was white after all! After seeing your review I don't think I'll rush to the cinema to watch it! Thanks for sharing your thoughts 💞

    Abbey ✨


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