Tuesday, 1 December 2015

What's on my Christmas list this year!

As I get older, I feel like there are less and less things that I genuinely want to put on my Christmas list. My parents ask me every year what I want, and it just gets harder to come up with something because I usually buy anything whenever I want it. However, there are a couple things I have had my eye on for a while now, so what better to put them on my Christmas wish list this year! So, here goes:

Fossil Black Leather Watch
I would love a chain strap watch, but I have a small wrist and it is such a pain to get the links removed and such, so I usually end up with a leather wrist strap for my watches. I clocked eyes on this beauty a couple months ago (excuse the pun), and I think the small leather strap would be perfect on my wrist. Also, the simple black and gold design is so lovely, and would go with almost any outfit.
You can find it on the Fossil website here.

Black Pom Pom Hat
I love wearing knitted hats (one of my favourite things about the winter months), and I have lots of different knitted hats, and I just thought this one was so cute with the little pom pom ears. It is black, so would go with any outfit, and would of course keep your head and ears warm.
You can find this on the New Look website here.

Harry Potter Colouring Book
I haven't had a colouring book for so many years, but I have noticed a lot of them becoming for common for adults in the past few months. They are being recommended as a sort of 'colour therapy' for adults to help you de-stress. I like that element most of all about colouring books, because I remember how peaceful it could be to sit there and just colour for hours on end. I noticed this Harry Potter version in Waterstones the other day, and thought it was magical to say the least!
You can find it on the Waterstones website here.

Canon 750d DSLR Camera
This is the item on my list that I have wanting for a while now, and even more so since I started my blog. I want to be able to take better quality pictures for my blog, and hopefully even start producing some videos later on. I am trying to choose a Canon camera because my dad already has a Canon DSLR and I want to be able to use his lenses. However, I am quite aware of how expensive this camera is at the moment, so I was considering the 700d model also, or just wait and save up a little longer for the 750d.
You can find it on Amazon here.

Leather Desert Boots
I love the style of these boots, and the fact that they are black means I can wear them with any outfit. Being leather is a bonus too! I am aware they are not everyone's cup of tea, since I showed them to my mother and she pulled a face. However, I am very lucky that my brother has bought me these pair of desert boots for Christmas, so I cannot wait to wear them out (literally).
You can find them at the New Look website here.

Lego Jurassic World for PS3
Okay, I love Lego and I love the new Jurassic World film, so what's better than the Lego Jurassic World game for me? Nothing I tell you! I should have bought this a while ago really, but I couldn't bring myself to buy it when it came out at the time since I wasn't working then. But, now I am just waiting for someone to buy it for me, because most people know I love the Lego games, so fingers crossed on this one.
You can find this game, on other platforms too, at Amazon here.

Sleek MakeUp i-Divine Eyeshadow Palette
Finally, who doesn't love a new eyeshadow palette at Christmas? I have been looking at Sleek's eyeshadow palettes for a while, and while there are so many gorgeous ones to choose from, I always find myself coming back to the i-Divine palette. I love to create a smoky eye effect when I go out, and I think these shades would be perfect to add to my collection. i-Divine eyeshadow palettes are 12 shades of super-pigmented, longlasting, mineral based eyeshadows - how fantastic!
You can find this paletteon the Boots website here.


  1. Nice picks. I'm totally the same - I'm used to buying whatever I really want for myself, so I never know what to tell people what I want for Christmas...(and sometimes I just have expensive taste, hehe).

    Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

    1. Thank you very much! And I totally get what you mean, I try to put less expensive things on my Christmas list and aim to buy them myself as well anyway! Nothing wrong with expensive taste ;)

  2. Great list!
    I'm hoping Santa has a Harry Potter colouring book for me too..
    ♥ Fran - www.frannymac.com xx

    1. Thank you Fran! I have seen the Harry Potter colouring book in WH Smith, and it has a £5 off sticker on it, so only £4.99! :) xx


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