Thursday, 24 September 2015

Film Review: Maggie

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First of all, quite a few people had told me how great they thought this film was, and how they had seen it multiple times which was what made me inclined to watch this film in the first place. So, the other night I decided to watch Maggie, but I hate to inform you that I actually fell asleep, and I had to finish this film in two sittings. Now this might tell you something about I felt about the film because I tend to love watching films and if they have my attention I don't normally fall asleep.

I thought the concept behind the film was pretty good, but I think it lacked a certain "umpf" because it was not that exciting to watch. It was a very dull film, shot with grey skies and no happy emotions. Arnold Schwarzenegger's character did not seem to speak much, although I did think his portrayal of his connection with his daughter (played by Abigail Breslin) was very good. Next, Breslin's character was infected with a virus that would eventually turn her into a zombie, and she acted some very good scenes where the virus had begun to take effect, and I was certainly left wide-eyed during the scene with the fox (if you know, you know).

So, generally I have no specific complaints with the actors in the film, as I think they portrayed the story line brilliantly, and definitely made you feel the connection between the characters. I thought the special effects in Maggie were brilliant as well because I found Breslin's wound to be particularly gruesome, and her change looked very realistic. However, I stick by the fact that I just found it to be a little bit too boring, without any fiercely exciting scenes as you would expect in a zombie-related film. Also, the film was little too slow-moving which is probably why I fell asleep halfway through. I am not sure that I would be in a rush to watch Maggie again in the near future, but I would definitely recommend you to watch it and come up with your own opinion. I don't think you will be let down by the graphics and the story line, so that's a plus!

I would rate this film 2.5 out of 5.
Have you seen this film and what you do think of it?

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