Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Budget Haulin'

Hey guys!
It is shopping haul time again (woohoo) and since I have been on a very tight budget lately, I have been a lot more picky with what I am going to spend my money on. And I have to admit, a lot of my shopping has been done in Primark, but they have so many great clothes coming out for A/W '15 so being on a budget is being made so much more difficult! But, I did manage to pick up a couple of sneaky treats from Lush as well, which I will share with you, of course.

First, here is my casual outfit that I picked out from Primark last week. I though I would mix it up a bit and show you a picture of me wearing the clothes instead. I got this outfit for under £15 which I am very impressed at. I have been after new jeans that actually fit me, and these supersoft skinny jeans are a good fit, and only £12. Due to my 'most of my jeans not fitting' problem, I thought it was time to invest in a belt, and this black one is perfect at only £2. Lastly, the basic V-neck grey t-shirt was a winner at only £2.80. So there, you have it a great casual outfit for just under £15.

Next, I purchased a new bed-shirt because I saw this pink Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles hanging up in store and I simply could not walk past it. Being a fan of TMNT, this is perfect for me to wear to bed and only cost £5, so it is a winner in every way possible. Also, I think it looks really cute on (not being biased at all). And, I practically live in fluffy socks when I am at home, so I bought this two-pack of bright pink fluffy socks to go with my new bed-shirt because they matched and it was the best excuse I had to buy even more fluffy socks (and they were only £2). They're so fluffy I'm gonna die!

Lastly, on a trip to Birmingham the other day I decided to pop into Lush because I felt like treating myself to a super cool bath bomb. But, one does not simply pop into Lush without wanting every product you lay your eyes on (if you know, you know), so I quickly had to calm myself down and remind myself reluctantly that I am on a budget... key word here is BUDGET remember? So, a very nice and helpful member of staff politely demonstrated the Dragon's Egg bath bomb, and I was completely sold as soon as I saw the glitter (I'm such a girl at times). I will do a review of this bath bomb when I use it. Also, I have been wanting to purchase a lip scrub for a while, and my friend reminded me that cold weather is on its way, so it would be very useful to have in my bag and it lasts for ages! I decided on the 'Mint Julips' lip scrub because I am a big fan of mint (I love mojitos and after eights), and felt like it would feel a lot more fresh on my lips. What are your fave Lush products?

Have you done any budget shopping lately and what have you purchased?
Thank you for reading!


  1. Lovely picks! I'm in need of new fluffy socks for the changing season. The Dragon Egg is a great bath bomb, I'd like to know your review of the lip scrub sounds yummy! =^-^=

    Sam | Momentarily Dreaming

    1. Thank you very much! They have lots of fluffy socks in primark :) I'll be sure to do a review of both the lush products very soon, it's on my list! xx

  2. Ahhh, the struggle of budget shopping. But some of the deals and stuff you find can be really amazing! When I have more money, I really want to invest in more LUSH products since I only hear such amazing things about them!


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