Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Make Up Review: Freedom and Collection

I have been on the hunt for some new eyebrow products for a while now, and was so pleased when Make Up Revolution kindly tweeted me last week to let me know that their sister brand, Freedom Make Up, do some great brow products, including a pomade. I had been toying with purchasing the ABH dip brow pomade for a while, but decided to try out the Freedom Make Up one instead because I can actually test this one in-store for shades and it is much cheaper! See what I thought of them.
As well as the Pro Brow Pomade (£5), I also picked up a Duo Eyebrow Powder (£3) that I thought I would test too. Being a redhead, I find it hard to buy eyebrow products because most popular brands seem to only release products with shades; blonde, brown, black etc. I used to use a brown pencil to fill in my brows many moons ago before I found any sort of 'auburn' shades at the cosmetics counters. So, both of the products I picked up from Freedom Make Up are in shade 'Auburn' and I am completed impressed with them both so far. I just need the tiniest amount of the product on my brush before I apply. A little really does go a long way. And so far I think they are pretty long-lasting as I went a full day with the product still making my brows look acceptable. Scroll down to see me wearing the product, and let me know what you think.
Also, whilst I was browsing in Superdrug I picked up a Collection eye shadow palette because it was reduced to £2.99, and I have previously read some good reviews about them, so why not? A lot of my make up palettes are full of nude shades, so they tend to have more bronze colours, and I have been wanting to try out some silver shades on my eyes instead, so I picked up the 'Smokey Grey' palette. Each shade is really pigmented and you only need a small amount on your eye shadow brush to create some great looks. I used shades 4 and 6 on my eyes in the images below.
I tried to keep my look a little more subtle rather than dramatic, as I wore this during the day. What do you think of the look? I am more than impressed with the eye shadows from Collection, and I think I managed to successfully create a 'natural' look with my brows using the pomade and powder from Freedom Make Up.

Let me know if you've used any of these products before, or if you'd consider trying them out.

Thanks for reading!

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