Monday, 8 June 2015

Soap and Glory review

My all time favourite Soap and Glory body products.

Whenever I get the chance I always recommend Soap and Glory's products to anyone and everyone. Personally, I have never had a single complaint to make about any of the products I have tried, and that's quite a hard thing to accomplish in the present day because not every product suits everyone, and especially me with my sensitive skin. But, I actually think S&G manage this!

I have uploaded a picture of my all time favourite body products that I use almost on a daily basis. The Mist You Madly body spray is perfectly handbag-sized and smells absolutely yummy. The body butter makes your skin silky smooth, I use it after my shower, and it also scented with the 'Mist You Madly' smell, which is another reason why it is one of my faves. I use the bath float for a luxurious smelling bubble bath, and I only need to use the smallest amount and swish it under running water for it to create lots of bubbles, a big plus. Lastly, the Pulp Friction body scrub is another famously nice smelling scrub from Soap and Glory, and I use it weekly for a good old scrub, or I swap it up with the Foam Call body wash, because they both leave me smelling like a pretty flower.

Also, I never walk past a '3 for 2' offer in my local Boots... I just physically can't even if it means restocking the products I already have because I know and love them. Of course, I want to try all the products and I have only recently started to purchase their make up products, and it's safe to say I am ultimately impressed by their quality.

The Supercat black eyeliner pen has a fine point and a thick edge to create two different looks, and lasts for a very long time. I used to use another brand that was a '24 hour' eyeliner and I think this is exactly on par. Being a pen shape it is easy enough to put in your handbag and I have had mine over 6 months already and it hasn't dried out a single bit. A bargain at only £6 (stocked in Boots or online at Also, I own the Hocus Focus Illuminator which I use very sparingly when I go out for that extra glam feel. It is the perfect cheek highlighter, for only £11, and last a long time because you only need the tiniest amount. Soap and Glory also recommend that you mix it with your moisturiser for a gorgeous skin glow, which I will also be trying.

I really want to try out Soap and Glory's skincare products, as I have noticed they are always growing their collection, and I have also seen some really good reviews on them. Their website is also really useful because it allows you to select products based on your skin type (so oily, dry, and combination) which I always find to be a lifesaver when you quickly want to pick products knowing they will be kind to your skin. So, that will be my next adventure regarding the Soap and Glory products which I hope I will be able to share with you soon.


  1. I am a sucker for S&G. It's a combination of knowing the products smell amazing and the adorable packaging. Definitely going to check out their website to find products for my skin type.
    Ivory Avenue

    1. I am exactly the same when I'm in the store, I'm always smelling them before I buy anything but they all smell so good! Their website really helped me out a lot when choosing products to help with my skincare too :)


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