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Nip+Fab review

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I became a little bit addicted with the Nip and Fab products after reading many great reviews (especially the glycolic pads) on various blogs and websites. After reading these reviews I noticed in my local Boots they had a 1/3 off all Nip and Fab products, fantastic! They are more well-known now thanks to ambassadors such as Kylie Jenner and Lindsay Lohan, who also swear by the products. I have tried a tested most of the glycolic range for quite a while now, so I thought I would share my views like many others already have, instead of posting after only one use (which doesn't always say much).

My first purchases were the glycolic pads, overnight serum, and the glycolic scrub. The pads last me a month using one a night after I have removed all my make up, they get rid of the excess and leave my skin feeling super clean. Also, the glycolic overnight serum works wonder overnight, and dramatically decreases the sizes of spots by the next morning, however I have found it to be a little drying of my skin and a bit sticky if I put on just before I go to bed. Usually I put it on and wait for it to soak in then use a moisturiser, or the Nip+Fab Deep Cleansing Fix for a deep cleanse overnight (this also works wonders) and I wake up with super soft skin, just try not to smother too much on or your face will feel a little greasy.

The glycolic scrub is one that I have purchased again and again because of how kind the scrub is to my skin. It has little tiny scrubbing microbeads that exfoliate and leaves you with a fresh face feeling and doesn't scratch my skin like I have found with other scrubs. Similarly, the glycolic foaming cleanser is another that I use on alternate mornings because the foaming technique really gets into my pores and leaves my skin smooth and clean. Next, the glycolic mask, which you apply to dry skin and leave on for around ten minutes, helps to clear up my skin. However, at first I was a bit uncomfortable with it because it burned my skin slightly and left me with a red face, but it did help cleanse and dry up my oily skin. Usually, I'd put it on in the evening then wash off with a cloth, and apply the deep cleansing fix on my face before I go to bed, and I'd wake up with smooth skin and no redness.

My all time favourite products

I think I got a little bit addicted to the Nip+Fab glycolic range especially, and I as using all the products at once on my face throughout the day then found my skin was not improving it was actually getting worse. Since then, I only use a couple products at most in a day, such as the scrub or cleanser in the morning and the deep cleanse in the evening and found my skin has calmed down a lot more. I would recommend anyone to use this range, especially when there's a '3 for 2' or '1/3 off' offer on (most likely in Boots or online), but just don't go too overboard like I did!

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