Monday, 22 August 2016

Beauty Review: Kylie Cosmetics Lipsticks

A couple of weeks my order from Kylie Cosmetics finally came, and I now own two of Kylie's matte liquid lipsticks. I have tested them out, so here are my thoughts...
I decided to purchase two matte liquid lipsticks to make my order more worthwhile. Kylie has a lot of shades available now, in gloss, matte and even metallic. So, choosing two shades was quite a lengthy decision involving a lot of research into the different shades and how I thought they would look on my skin. Eventually, I ended up with 'Koko K' as I wanted a more nude-based shade, and I got 'Mary Jo K' because every girl needs another perfect red shade, right?
I was pleasantly surprised by the shape of the applicator, it's hoof-shaped and we all know that's the easiest applicator when applying a liquid lipstick. My first views when I tried Mary Jo K were like "woah this is SO liquid-y" or something to that effect. But, after a few seconds it begins to try matte, and you have enough time to apply it all over your lips before it dries. And when it does dry, boy does it dry matte! I tried to take it off so I could test out the other shade, but it was so stubborn and I really struggled to get it off - not a bad thing. It's actually brilliant for nights out, or all-day wear. I wore Mary Jo K for a night out recently and it lasted all night long!
In the above pictures, (top: Koko K and bottom: Mary Jo K) you can see what they look like on me. I love both of the colours, and I would wear them both in the day and night. I think they are very versatile in that way. I would love to own more colours from Kylie's collection, but I wish they were easier to access in the UK. It cost me £37.55 with shipping for both lipsticks, and I was hit with a £13.16 customs fee, which means it cost me just under £50 for two lipsticks, which isn't too bad, but it's not exactly cheap is it. I think in future I would recommend bulk buying to make it a lot more worthwhile, and I really hope they begin to stock in the UK.

So, which lipstick colour do you prefer? Have you tried any of Kylie Cosmetic's lipsticks yet, and what are your thoughts?

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