Monday, 4 July 2016

Mini Make Up Haul

I squeaked with excitement when I saw that my local Boots store had gotten it's Nyx Cosmetics counter, and it was just being filled up that same day. So, I could pick anything I wanted... but as we all know deciding what to actually purchase was a real struggle. Here, I'm giving you my thoughts on the make up products that I picked up on that exciting day!
My first thought was to try out one of Nyx's foundations so I opted for their 'stay matte but not flat' liquid foundation in the shade '01 ivory' because it was only £6.50 (a bargain in my eyes, if it works that is). And safe to say I am actually impressed with it! I only put on a small amount on my brush or sponge and it glides onto my skin. I like that it is water-based so it doesn't feel too heavy on my skin as well. Also, it makes my face matte but doesn't dry out my face at all which I presume is the 'not flat' part of it.
Next, I opted for Nyx's 'HD Concealer Wand' in the shade 'CW12 - green' because I had read a few reviews on it and I was quite keen to test it out on my blemish-y skin. I'm quite impressed actually because I have never used any sort of colour correcting make up before. I put on the green concealer after my primer and before my foundation. Although when I first used it I did put way too much on and I thought I could see it under my foundation (oops). It is a very thick consistency and reminds me a lot of the Collection Concealer that we all know and love. So, I think I'll be popping along to try out more shades of this HD Concealer Wand because I'm so impressed with how this one conceals my redness.
Okay, this one isn't a Nyx product, but I bought it before I spotted the Nyx counter. The nice lady on the L'Oréal counter did recommend this new 'Miss Hippie' mascara and told me that it was the one everyone is using at festivals (is that right?) so I thought I would test it out. I love it! It's got a nice thick brush and evenly applies to all my lashes giving them that 'mega volume'. Also, I noticed it comes in a waterproof version too, so I might pick that one up because it's useful for holidays and such!
Lastly, I just had to test out Nyx' 'soft matte lip cream' because of all the raving reviews I have read about it. I have previously reviewed my thoughts on the 'lip lingerie' lipsticks (you can read here) and I thought if they're half as good as them then I'll be happy. The hardest part was choosing a shade to buy though, and at one point I had a handful of these lip creams. Knowing I could only buy one due to being better with money, I finally decided on on shade 'SMLC18- Prague' because its just the type of dark pink that I normally go for. I actually think this soft matte lip cream is amazing, it feels so soft on my lips and dries out matte - and the fact that there are so many shades to choose from is perfect. I just can't decide which colour to choose next.
Here's me wearing all of the Nyx products from this post. I am so happy with the lip cream, I want all of the shades. I am really impressed with all of the products that I bought in this mini make up haul, and it has just make me an ever bigger fan of Nyx Cosmetics.

Have you tried any of these products yet and what do you think?
And can you recommend any other products for me to try?

Thanks for reading!



  1. Very nice! I'd also like to try the NYX foundation. Thank you for reviewing it!

    1. It's very good for such a small price, I was really impressed with it! :) xx

  2. I absolutely adore the NYX HD concealers - I'm so glad I can get them from the UK now too! :) xxx

    Sarah / Sarah Smiles

    1. Me too!! I just need to the my skin shade, but it's always out of stock boo! xxx

  3. The stay mate not flat foundation gets me the most complements, love it x

    1. That's brilliant! I love it too, and I love that it's more water-based, feels more fresh on my skin! xx


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