Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Revisiting my goals I set myself for 2016

As we are now into the third month of the year I thought I would revisit my goals for 2016, and see if I have completed any. Or I may have to use this to kick myself into actually achieving some of my goals. I have copied my goals into this and underneath I am going to evaluate whether or not I have done/ or I am doing anything to complete my goal. Here goes!

Blog goals for 2016:
  1. Re-design my blog so it looks a lot better, and attracts more visitors.
    I did re-design my header at the beginning of the year, and I have just changed it once again. I still need to consider re-designing the whole blog though.
  2. Take better quality photographs for my blog - which includes getting a DSLR camera, and using editing software.
    I got my DSLR camera for my birthday at the beginning of January. I just need to get the hang of editing software but I am working on this.
  3. Maybe attempt to create a YouTube channel for my blog and make videos of some sort. I am thinking along the lines of haul videos or maybe film review videos. Not sure, but it's a plan in progress.
    Okay, this is something I haven't actually done yet. But, I have done a couple test videos since I got my tripod a couple weeks ago. So, hopefully something will be in the pipeline soon.
  4. Try to attend at least one blogger event - because I wanna make some real blogger friends and meet some of those lovely bloggers I talk to already.
    Not done this yet, but I do have until the end of the year right? Hopefully there will be some great blogger events/ meet-ups towards the summer, and near me.
  5. Have a more structured schedule for my blog, and begin to post more often.
    Definitely need to work on this! At the moment I am blogging more as and when. I think I should get a planner for my blog as I have seen so many bloggers doing this. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Get my own domain for my blog.
    Still debating this one at the moment. Need to research where the better places are to buy my domain from. If you know of any then please suggest!
Personal goals for 2016:
  1. Getting my happy back - which means I shall be looking out for myself a lot more by doing what's best for me, and what I want, not what others want.
    I have definitely been doing a lot of what I want to do lately. It does help that the weather is so miserable so I can stay in and be happy watching different films and TV series. Okay that may sound a bit boring but that makes me happy nevertheless!
  2. Find a job that has more hours, or an extra job for more money so I can start my moving out fund/new car fund/travel fund.
    Okay, this I haven't actually done. But, I have been doing some more hours at work lately so that sort of counts. And I did start putting money in my pot at the beginning of the year, but that has slowly died down again. So, I need to continue with that!
  3.  Start writing my book - I have a few ideas already written down so I need to actually begin.
    Only the other day did I actually start writing something. I only have a page thus far, but that's definitely a start right? Just need to continue again.
  4. To never let myself feel the way I did this year, and to make sure I get someone who thinks the world of me and treats me that way (we can all dream okay), but I think I deserve this, right?
    I am still determined to never let myself feel as low as I did in 2015, and at the moment I am very happy where I am in life.
  5. To travel more, and go to more beautiful places.
    Now this is something I definitely need a kick up the backside with! My only trouble is that when I am trying to save money I can't spend it on going places. So, I may have to not save as much or put some aside in another pot for travel.
  6. Make some more real friends, that have my welfare at heart because I am so tired of fakes. And spend time with those who genuinely make time for me too.
    Okay, I don't think I have made some more real friends as of late. But, I have been reconnecting with a couple old friends which makes me happy. And I haven't been spending any time with those people who haven't made time for me either.
  7. Eat at nicer places more. Good food and good company is always a winner.
    Eating food is probably a hobby of mine so I always make time to eat, and I think it started off well at the beginning of the year, but going out for food has slowed down a bit due to funds and life getting busy. But, I will continue to make time for going out for food throughout the year, so this goal I don't think I will have a problem with!
So, looking back at my goals wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. I was a little anxious because I thought I hadn't done anything towards completing my goals. However, I found that although I may not have fully completed any I have made a start on most of them and just need to continue a little further. I can't complete all my goals at once now can I?

This has put me in such a good mood and made me feel extremely happy because I am content with life at the moment, and I just know that I am heading in the right direction for now.

Did you make any goals for 2016, and are you on your way to fulfilling any of them?


  1. A great set of goals!

  2. Goals are so good to have. I want to get job, learn to drive and move out this year. So far ive got new job and got provisional licence. Good start but the key is not to let it get you down when things dont go right or you feel you are stuck in limbo. Im so bad at that and comparing myself to others too. Good luck x

    1. I totally agree with you, it is very important that you try not to let yourself feel down when you feel things aren't going right. Sometimes all you need to do is look back to see how far you've come :) thank you very much, and I hope you continue to achieve your goals too! Wishing you luck! xx

  3. Before I even read this blog the first thing I thought was 'oh wow, love your blog header!' so well done on achieving that goal this year :D
    What DSLR did you get? I have a Canon 650D and use mainly Camera Raw (Adobe) to edit and then with resizing in Photoshop, but everyone raves about Lightroom (I will try it at some point..) But there are loads of free editing softwares out there, I hear PicMonkey is pretty good :)
    I struggle with having a structure with my blog posting too, mainly because my work is pretty chaotic and not in any routine.. But I try to post at least 3 blogs a month and lately I've been smashing that so I think just do what feels right and works with you - don't put yourself under unnecessary pressure because you think you need to post X amount and at specific times :) BUT I do REALLY want to get one of those little blogger planners!! <3

    I'm so happy that you're excited and pleased with your progress :) It's always nice when you feel like you're on track :)

    1. Eeek thank you so much, I still like to tweak it around but that's definitely one goal down!
      I got a Canon 750D, and I love it so far although I haven't really played around with it fully there's just so much to learn! Oh I have no idea what Lightroom is, but I should probably check that out too... and I have Adobe too, so will be trying to use that to edit :)
      And I'm so pleased that you are smashing your target of at least 3 blogs a month, that's fantastic!! I totally agree with you, I shouldn't try to pressure myself either, but one of those little blogger planners would be so cute and pretty handy at times I guess! Maybe that should be another goal.. is that too many goals now? Haha!

      This comment has made me so happy, thank you so so much!! It's nice to look back sometimes and think "yeah, I'm not doing too bad actually" as I was worried I haven't done anything to achieve my goals! :) xxx

    2. <3 Awh, I'm glad my comment made you happy! I would have responded sooner but I've been flat out with work!

      A Canon 750D is good! I find that the pictures are already amazing on there, just a few tweaks in edit that may need to be done :) I want to upgrade my camera to that one, but I'm trying to learn to drive and sort my tattoos out so I'm spending my money on those first haha.

      Ha, I think you've got quite enough goals to keep you busy, but I'd like to start using a blog planner - I may put that on my Christmas list to use next year :)


    3. No worries lovely, I totally get it - life is just so busy sometimes!

      Oh I know I love the quality of the pictures using my camera, and sometimes I feel like I don't even need to edit anything which is always good. Well, if you already have a good camera then it's best you spend your money on driving and tattoos first! I'm saving for my first tattoo, soon hopefully but I'm scared haha!

      And I think a blog planner will definitely be on my Christmas list this year too! xxxx


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