Monday, 31 August 2015

Lunch And Shopping!

On Friday, myself and my friend decided to go for food (this being my main concern of the day), and for a bit of shopping at the Merry Hill Shopping Centre in Brierly Hill, near Dudley.
We actually ordered so much food, and eventually came to the conclusion that our eyes were in fact bigger than our bellies. This left us with questions such as, why did we order our nacho starter to come with our main meal? And, why did I order that extra bowl of chips? Nevertheless, it was a yummy meal and exactly what I was waiting the entire week for!

Now, onto the shopping experience! What we really went shopping for was to look for graduation outfit ideas, but we did get a little sidetracked... However, my friend did manage to order a very pretty dress which could be her potential graduation outfit, so not all was lost during this trip. But for myself, I got distracted by all the autumnal clothes that are in stores. In my head summer is basically over and I am so ready for fluffy socks and jumpers. But, I have to be very budget friendly at the moment whilst I am still looking for work so I could not possibly purchase all the pretty things I really liked. Of course, I did buy a couple items that I will make full use of (this is the reasoning I used when buying them), and so I shall share them with you.

First off, are these two lovely fine-knitted jumpers from H&M. My eyes first found the grey knitted jumper, because the majority of the clothes I seem to wear are black and grey. However, this red number also called out to me as I browsed through the rails, and I simply could not decide between either of them so I just bought them both, as you do. They are perfect fine-knits for the autumn transitional weather! And, I just cannot wait to wear them. Also, there are more colours available in store which are tempting to purchase as well.

My final purchase of the day was this camel toggle coat from Primark. It was just one of those items that I simply couldn't walk past, and I did find myself again in great difficulty in deciding whether to buy the camel coloured coat or the black one. I eventually picked the camel one because I already have black coats, and this one will fit in nicely when autumn rolls along. It is very nice and warm with a lovely sheepskin-lined hood, but I am still on the fence as to whether or not I should keep it. What do you think?

What clothes are you purchasing in preparation for autumn?
Thanks for reading!



  1. Your lunch looks delicious and what a cute coat!
    Perfect for the Autumn weather on its way.

    | | bloglovin' |

    1. Thank you, it was very nice! :) and yes I can't wait to pair that coat with some boots for autumn!


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