Thursday, 6 August 2015

Hot Cloth Cleanser Review: Liz Earle vs. No7

I did a review of the Liz Earle Hot Cloth Cleanser (here) a while ago after I got my first bottle of the stuff. After using it for a good month or so I wanted to write a more thorough review. But, my bottle ran out and I soon found myself looking to replace it. However, after shopping in Boots I noticed the No7 Hot Cloth Cleanser and after doing a little research I decided to purchase it the next time I went in. So, after using this new cleanser for a while, I thought what could be better than doing a comparison post on two the hottest Hot Cloth Cleansers on the market.

The No7 cleanser costs only £9.95, whereas the Liz Earle cleanser is £14. But, I was quite surprised to find that the size of the No7 bottle is larger (200ml) than Liz Earle's (100ml), yeah it's double the size! So at this point, the No7 cleanser is winning because it is not only cheaper but has a bigger bottle with more product. Another thing I like more about the No7 cleanser is that the bottle is see-through so you can see how much product you've used/ have left. When my Liz Earle cleanser ended I had no idea it was coming to an end, so I had no idea to buy a replacement until it had finished. Usually I tend to buy more of a product when I know it will be running out soon.
Both cleansers will come with a muslin cloth to aid the cleansing routine. By far, Liz Earle offers the best muslin cloth and in my opinion it is 100% better quality than the cloth that comes with the No7 cleanser. I am not quite sure that you can tell in the photo (maybe if you click and zoom in) but the No7 cloth is a lot more loose-knit than Liz Earle's. And, I think Liz Earle's just feels a lot smoother and kinder to the skin, so hands down Liz Earle wins here, but I just use Liz Earle's cloth when I am using the No7 Cleanser at the moment because I have three of them, so why not.

When it comes to the product itself, there is a clear different between each cleanser, but they both do the same job really well. No7 is a lot more creamier with a nice clean smell, and removes all of your facial makeup with ease (including stubborn mascara). Also, the perfect-sized amount of product comes out with just one pump that easily covers your face and neck. Liz Earle has a really thick texture with a divine fragrance that no one can fault or even forget, and it too removes all makeup with ease. And a decent sized amount of product comes out with just one pump as well, that I manage to cover all of my face and neck. Liz Earle is packed with naturally active ingredients; rosemary, chamomile, cocoa butter, and eucalyptus essential oil. Whereas, No7 prides itself being hypo-allergenic and being created to provide tailored skin nutrition for healthy looking, bright and beautiful skin.

Honestly, I would say that both of these products are just as good as each other, and would use either of these in a heartbeat. But, I would personally purchase the No7 again after it has run out purely because it is a lot cheaper and offers more product (and due to personal funds). And, when it comes to the muslin cloth issue, I just use my Liz Earle cloths with the No7 cleanser because it is clearly of much better quality. If you are worried about this you can purchase the Liz Earle pure muslin cloths separately on their website (here). You can get 2 cloths for only £4.50 and then use the No7 cleanser, which still works out just as cheap as buying the Liz Earle cleanser on its own, and then you have the cloths for future usage.

So, there you have it. What are your views on either or both of these cleansers?



  1. I love the Liz Earl cleanser! It's my all time favourite!

    Paula | Lifestyle & Laffs

  2. I use the Liz Earle and have been for a few months now! I'm literally obsessed, it makes my skin really clear which I wasn't expecting and it's so creamy and gentle. I don't use the muslin cloths though apart from when I'm travelling (as they don't take up as much space) instead I prefer using a flannel because it slightly exfoliates! xx

    1. Thank you for your comment Lily, and I very much agree with you about Liz Earle I was so surprised at how amazing the products were. I definitely need to try some of the other stuff out. And thanks for the useful tip about using a flannel, I will have to try that out instead! xx


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