Thursday, 2 July 2015

Heatwaves and Mojitos

Mojitos are by far my favourite cocktails, so being able to sit in the sun sipping a mojito with ice has to be the best thing I have done all week. Sounds a little sad I know. But, we don't usually get weather this good, and since I'm able to enjoy it at the moment, why wouldn't I take the opportunity to relax?

After finishing my final year at university, I started to convince myself that I shouldn't just chill out and that I should constantly be looking for my next move, i.e. jobs, because it would just be lazy of me. However, each day I have set myself a small task of "career hunting" for a set amount of time, so I don't feel bad. But, enough of that because that's a subject for another post on another day!

So, with the sun out and not a cloud in sight, I decided to lie in the sun and completely relax. Obviously, I thought I'd be able to catch a tan, but I've got to face the fact that I am destined to be casper pale forever! Of course, I was wearing sun cream too because my skin is very susceptible to burning in the the sun (as most skin is). Personally, I think I may have caught the sun a little, but no burns so I am always grateful for sun cream, and I hope you all wear it too because it's easy to think you're popping out for 10 minutes so nothing can happen, but the sun is very powerful at certain points in the day, so be careful! (Not trying to go all mom on you sorry).

So, what have you guys been doing to enjoy this lovely weather we've been having? Hope it involves lots of chilling and ice cream... and maybe even cocktails like me!



  1. I read "mojito" and just had to read this post haha. Honestly, the break after third year is crucial. I'm still getting over the 3 day benders in the library without sleep and I finished early May haha. Good luck on the job hunting and the mojito sippin'


    1. Oh it's fab that you share the same love for mojitos as me!! Omg I know my life was just based around the library, may as well have moved in at some points haha glad it's all over with now. Thank you very much, still on the job hunt, it's painful! Hope you're enjoying your break from university too! :) xxx


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